Begin at the Beginning, the who, what and why of Frugally Becs

Good day to you dear reader,

This feels more like a confessional so please bear with me, I am an unfit and comfortable yet I am aware I have to change this. I have a son and two stepdaughters who are beginning their adventures into adulting, watching them grow has led me to reflect. Looking around the home I share with my Mr Lovely I feel lucky. For the first time I can recall I do not feel the burden of financial struggles. We are not wealthy but we are a dual income household with lower than average expenditure.

In the 18 months that we have cohabited I must confess we have been fairly frivolous, we are surrounded by stuff to prove it (stuff and stuffing from eating out and takeaways!)

I work, I love it but I do not want to be defined by what I am paid for anymore that I would like to be defined by what I pay for. I am a fish eating vegetarian with aspirations to be self sufficient.  2017 marks the next chapter in my life, it feels so final when I say I am facing forty.

Facing forty! Blimey that is a statement in itself, but that is why I am here.  I was fearing it, the next decade begins for me in February and I am determined to make it the decade I choose to enjoy. The twenties were a struggle, the Thirties were marked by teenage rebellion and the Forties I have time to plan tackle on my terms.  So I wrote a list, which includes be more considered in consumption, to save money and to grow (in the garden and in myself).

My forty things at forty will feature here through out the year. Along with tales from our veg patch and recipes for home made treats and treasures, last year I took my first steps on the path of pickling and preserving I do hope to add to that this year! We have a basset hound named Angus who comes on foraging missions more of those as our year unfolds.

So Welcome to Frugally Becs!

I hope you enjoy the adventures




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sounds like an exciting year ahead! Congrats on getting started and I look forward to hearing more about your journey 🙂 Love Beastie x


  2. eathealthyonanybudget says:

    The year ahead sounds like it is going to be amazing! I turn 40 next year (eek) so I’m looking forward to hearing more as your year evolves which will give me inspiration for my own journey:-)


  3. eucalypttree says:

    There’s nothing like a major birthday to put things in perspective for you. I turn the big 50 this year and has it ever had me thinking about how i want my future to look like. Here’s to a fabulous new decade for all!


  4. I loved this: ‘I work, I love it but I do not want to be defined by what I am paid for anymore that I would like to be defined by what I pay for.’ Perfect! I’m so glad you visited my blog so that I, in turn, discovered yours. 🙂
    I too am pescetarian (I was a strict vegan for years) and I’ve always wanted to be self sufficient.
    I hit 40 in May. It’s given me the kick up the arse that I need to make some positive changes in my life.
    I look forward to reading more. 🙂


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